Silk Screen Holland: a familiar name among printers


Silk Screen Holland was founded in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands, forty years ago. In 2002 Will Jol took over the running of the business. He was joined in 2007 by Björn Suierveld. These co-directors complement each other superbly. Björn works mostly in-house and on the technical side; Will is the company's point of contact and focuses mainly on commercial matters. In handling day-to-day business, Björn and Will draw on their team of 14 employees. These experienced print specialists are the source of the company's strength.


Screen printer for offset printers

Most printers wouldn't dream of handling the printing of their fellow printers. Silk Screen Holland, by contrast, sees it as a challenge. Over the years the company has specialised in providing a range of finishing services. This work includes, notably, offset printed matter. Will is acutely aware of the responsibility involved. 'You are working with someone else's material, their valuable printing.' While business-to-business accounts for most of their work, Silk Screen Holland is happy to be approached by private individuals.


Innovative market leader

Will and Björn have taken on the challenge to stand out from the rest of the field, in both good and less buoyant times. 'No two days are the same,' says Bjorn. 'That's what most appeals to us. We are always on the look-out for new applications and we develop many new varnishes and inks in-house. In doing this, we have our experienced staff to help us and large and modern machinery at our disposal. Approaching the market proactively has made us a household name in our niche market. We are proud of our wide range and it's not for nothing that we are a market leader in print finishing.'


Training company

Silk Screen Holland is always forward-looking. Naturally, in product development but also when taking on new printers. 'Developing young people's enthusiasm for the printing sector is one of our key aims,' stresses Björn. 'That's why, for example, we are working with training institutes in the region. Enthusiastic, hard-working trainee printers are always welcome to get in touch with us. There may even be a possibility of doing an internship with us.'

Cover Printbuyer 10

Cover Printbuyer 10

A classic example of how a creative idea can fly with the help of our specialist skills and expertise!

SilkScreen Holland follows XL

SilkScreen Holland follows XL

Like many other offset printers, Silk Screen Holland has opted for an XL format (74 x 106 cm) for its new screen printing machine.

Artikel Marketing Tribune

Marketing Tribune article

Marketing Tribune has approached Silk Screen Holland with a view to writing an article about the diversity of our products and their marketing.