Practical possibilities of contact adhesive


When you need a graphic solution, this versatile adhesive may be just the thing. Silk Screen Holland's contact adhesive is highly suitable for eco-packaging, picture mounts, jackets, wrappers, greeting cards, slide sleeves and postcards, triptychs and self-adhesive envelops, and lots more besides.


Qualities of contact adhesive
Contact adhesive is a 'dry' adhesive coating that only becomes active when two layers that require dry processing are pressed together. We can apply the adhesive coating to match the printed form precisely, whatever its shape or pattern. Think of panels, boxes and lines. We are happy to help you devise the right solution.

Paper choice and surface 

  • For perfect adhesion, the side to which we apply the contact adhesive must be uncoated, matt and absorbent. Just like the reverse of one-side uncoated duplex board. 
  • We cannot apply the adhesive to printing as this may repel the adhesive. In such cases, full adhesion is not possible.
  • When contact adhesive is applied to coated surfaces, the surfaces can be carefully separated. This too raises the possibility of various applications. Staff at Silk Screen Holland will be happy to tell you more.

Formats and grabbing space
For this application, we advise a print format measuring between 29.7 x 42 cm and 52 x 72 cm. The minimum grammage is 180 gr/m2; lighter weights are possible only after consultation. In the frontal aligner and facing side, 3 cm should remain unglued; 2 cm at the sides.

Manual separation
The contact adhesive is made of soft latex rubber and is very tacky to the touch. On occasion this can cause it to stick, especially at high pressure and when the printed surface is smooth. We have to separate the sheets manually once they have been printed and before the next step of your print job, if there is one. Naturally, we do this without damaging the printed matter.

Supplying your own (box) pallets
We return the pallets with as few stacked sheets as possible. Therefore it is important that you supply us with as many pallets as possible, preferably box pallets. If requested, we pack the sheets. If you wish, and if the stiffness of the paper or cardboard permits, we can place the sheets standing on end in your box pallets.

Cover Printbuyer 10

Cover Printbuyer 10

A classic example of how a creative idea can fly with the help of our specialist skills and expertise!

SilkScreen Holland follows XL

SilkScreen Holland follows XL

Like many other offset printers, Silk Screen Holland has opted for an XL format (74 x 106 cm) for its new screen printing machine.

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