Create a surprising effect


Blacklight ink has varied uses. It can be used as a security ink on negotiable instruments (e.g. cheques) and parking tickets, as well as to provide an extra check of prize tickets and entry tickets. In entertainment venues with a blacklight lamp, this ink is hugely popular. With a good lay-out, it is possible to apply almost invisible printing that will become fluorescent when regular lights are extinguished and a blacklight lamp is shining. Guaranteed success.

The ink is incandescent, colourless and more or less invisible on most shiny surfaces. As soon as the blacklight falls on the printing, a fluorescent print appears.

Colour and opacity
The ink is available only in a transparent, gloss form and has zero opacity. With a good design, the ink can be applied to a prepared surface and appear 'invisible'. This creates a surprising effect. Ask about the possibilities.

Paper choice advice
Blacklight ink can be used on almost any type of paper and almost any colour background. After printing, the ink cannot be laminated. Our advisors can tell you everything there is to know about how this surprising ink can be used.

Cover Printbuyer 10

Cover Printbuyer 10

A classic example of how a creative idea can fly with the help of our specialist skills and expertise!

SilkScreen Holland follows XL

SilkScreen Holland follows XL

Like many other offset printers, Silk Screen Holland has opted for an XL format (74 x 106 cm) for its new screen printing machine.

Artikel Marketing Tribune

Marketing Tribune article

Marketing Tribune has approached Silk Screen Holland with a view to writing an article about the diversity of our products and their marketing.